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Acrilyc is a type of plastic material that has clear and transparent characteristics, is not easily broken, is lightweight, and is also easy to cut, write, drill, smooth, polish or paint. Acrylic can be formed thermally into various complex shapes. Acrylate in general there are 2 types, among others Acrylic extrusion and Acrylic mold. This extruded acrylic sheet is softer than acrylic mold, more easily scratched. Whereas Acrylics have better quality than extrusion types, but the price is also more expensive. This acrylic is also stronger than acrylic extrusion.

Acrylic advantages
Lighter than glass
More impact resistant than glass
Do not react to sunlight
Resistant to weather outside the area
Can be recycled
Resistant to chemical reactions compared to other plastic materials
Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
Easy to clean and maintain
Acrylic clarity can last for years
Transportation and installation of acrylic building materials is easier and cheaper