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Fiberglass Fabric

Selling Fiberglass Fabric

Fiberglass is a type of material in the form of pieces of components that form a long, intact network. The most common example of fiber is fiber in fabric. Kharisma Enterprises Selling Fiberglass Fabrics, is a synthetic fiber fiber made of fine fiberglass strands and designed to resemble webbing. This product has the characteristics of being resistant to high temperatures so that it is suitable for use as an insulation material.

If you are looking for a company that sells our fiberglass cloth Kharisma Usaha. Forward selling various types of fiberglass fabrics, please select according to your needs, including the following FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2 ", FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2", FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2 ", FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2 ", FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2" FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2 ", FIBER ROPE FR1 / 2", FGCHT80011 Fiberglass Fabric, FGCHT8001Pot Fiberglass Fabric.

Kharisma Usaha Forward Selling Fiberglass Fabrics with several functions including:
- for all types of heat protectors
- for exhaust guards
- for protection under the roof
- for insulation
- for protection from the heat of the engine

For information on price specifications regarding Fiberglass Fabrics that we sell, please contact us.