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PVC Curtain

Selling Cheap PVC Curtain

Kharisma Usaha Majuja Sell Cheap PVC Curtain, PVC Curtain is a curtain strip or PVC plastic insulation which is widely used in various fields. This product is used as a filter or filter from disturbances such as insects etc. We Sell Cheap PVC Curtain which in the industrial world is used especially in the food, beverage and other consumption industries, also in the manufacturing, assembly, requires a device to support cleanliness & quality in the production process. Kharisma Usaha Maju Selling Cheap PVC Curtain consists of several colors such as red, blue, yellow and clear (transparent). A brighter color (such as yellow or orange) is used as an insect repellent, to keep insects away from making facies.

Its rigid and crack-resistant physical properties allow it to be used as a door in areas with high pedestrian / forklift traffic. General characteristics:
- Semi-transparent and flexible form
- Stiff and rigid physical strength
- Isolation of indoor manufacturing facilities from external environmental conditions

Kharisma Usaha Majda Sell PVC Curtain Cheap, easy to install and maintain, PVC Curtain that is specially made to protect staff and stock from elements and provide cost-effective heat retention, without sacrificing access. Made specifically to fit the door openings.
- Suitable for pedestrian traffic and motorized vehicles
- Instant energy savings
- Safe, effective and versatile
- Easy to care for